Hookah Accessories

Accessories for your hookah, shisha, hookah or hookah. Here you will find bowls as well as hoses, charcoal or nozzles. You will have everything you need to use and enjoy good times with your friends.

Attention! These products are not sold outside of Spain and Portugal.

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Cococha Mini Gold Charcoal Characteristics: Charcoal 80% coconut shell Gold format measures 25x25x25mm Contains 9 pills No taste, no smoke and no ashes Slow burning High Purity, Low Moisture Compact Gold Format
Akhla Coal Characteristics: Odourless 33mm Akhla Charcoal charcoal. Uniform combustion, time to keep incandescent 60 mm approx. The sales unit contains a tube with 6 pills. No taste and clean smoke. Sale per unit.
Cocourth Coal 1KgCharacteristics: - Premium 1kg charcoal.- 96 cubes of 100% natural coconut charcoal.- Low ash content.- Odor-free.- It doesn't affect the taste.- Contains no chemicals such as nitrate or sulfur....
Coala Gas Stove Characteristics: - One of the best-selling portable stoves on the market thanks to its durability and power. - Ideal for lighting natural charcoal quickly and easily wherever you go. - Provides a...
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