Do you like to pipe tobacco manually? If you are one of those who prefer to make your own cigarettes, here you will find what you are looking for.

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Monster 200 Long Filter Tubes - 50 boxes of 200 tubes (Drawer) Characteristics: Monster tube box with 24mm long filter. The sales unit contains 50 boxes of 200 tubes. A total of 10,000 tubes.
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Menthol MCT tubes with capsule 1 box of 100 units Characteristics: - The sales unit contains 1 box of 100 units of Mint. - Mint flavor - The filter contains a flavor capsule, you just have to squeeze it so that...
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What is a tobacco tube?

The tubes are hollow cigarettes, made of rolling papers and a filter, but they don't have tobacco inside. In this way, consumers will be able to fill them with the tobacco of their choice and thus make their own cigarettes. They are simple to use, but above all very comfortable.
To be able to fill them we will need a tubing machine (or injecting machine), which can be manual or automatic.
At tuotroestanco we have a wide variety, so if you are interested in buying one, do not hesitate to visit our section of tubing machines.

Which brands do our customers like the most?

The most successful are X-Treme, fresh bomb, Gizeh, Krypton and abadie.
Currently tubes are in continuous growth in terms of consumption, many people prefer them as it is a very simple way to save by making their own cigarettes.

Why buy tubes from your watertight?

We specialise in selling all kinds of items for the smoker at a reduced price. We have the best brands, but above all the best prices.