BoxPack Hippie The BoxPack contains: 1x Banksy Metal Ashtray 1x Gas bottle clipper 16ml 3x Spare Flints 9x clipper Stones 1x King size clipper paper +tips 1x Matchbox 1x clipper Don't miss anything !!
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BoxPack Hippie The BoxPack contains: 1x Metal Tray 18x14cm + Magnetic Lid 1x Gas bottle clipper 16ml 1x Gold Oreo 3d Grinder 1x raw metal case for king size paper 1x Medical Container 30ml 1x King Palm Banana...
BoxPack Mascotte The BoxPack contains: 1x Mascotte Metal Tray 27.5 cm x 17.50 cm 1x Mascotte Metal Ashtray 1x Mascotte Organic King size paper 1x Mascotte King size paper magnetic closure 1x Mascotte King size paper...
BoxPack Dog Rap The BoxPack contains: 1x Metal Dog Ashtray 1x Grape Hemp Wrap Hemp Paper 1x Pre-rolled Hemp Cones cones Grape 1x Brown King Size Paper + Cardboard Tips 1x Brown king size paper 1x Brown Paper 78mm +...
BoxPack Blue The BoxPack contains: 1x Silicone Ashtray 1x Blue Glass Jar 3ml 1x Clear Paper Width aleda 1x Kukuxumuxu Smoking paper 110mm (diff. designs) 1x Ultimate 78mm OCB Paper 1x Paper juicy Blueberries Roll 1x...
BoxPack Black The BoxPack contains: 1x Metal Monkey Space Box (3 designs) 1x Glass Jar 5cm 1x Dabber (diff. designs) 1x 40mm Grinder 3 parts 1x cones 3 rolled cones 1x Aledinha Transparent Paper 1x Raw Black Paper...
BoxPack PatriBob The tray has the same design on both sides! The BoxPack contains: 1x Tray + Magnetic Lid 18x14cm 1x Organic Raw Cone 3 units 1x Pink elements Cone 3 units 1x Fluo Monkey Paper + Pink Tips 1x Fluo...
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