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Cardboard Filters RAW Characteristics: - Authentic and original tips from RAW. - Made with organic, natural and biodegradable materials. - They do not contain chlorine or other harmful substances. - They do not...
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Paper greengo 1 1/4 78 mm Characteristics: - Paper made from a unique blend of natural fibers. - 100% chlorine-free. - No chemicals or additives of any kind. - With gum arabic for a better stick. - Slow burning. -...
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70mm X-pert Blue OCB Paper Characteristics: - X-tra paper for the experts.- Extremely fine.- Made from sustainably harvested cellulosic flax fibres.- Slow-burning paper.- Ultra-transparent and naturally porous.-...
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110mm King Size RAW PaperCharacteristics: - High-quality paper from the reputed RAW brand. - Made from the blend of flax and rice fibers. - Paper with a characteristic light coppery brown color. - Ultra-thin and...
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70 mm Natural abadie Paper Characteristics: - Rice paper, so it's 100% natural paper. - Chlorine-free. - Filigree abadie. - Slow burning. - With 100% natural plant-based rubber. - No dyes or other additives. -...
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Stones clipper Characteristics: - Original stones of the clipper brand. - Ideal for keeping your lighter always ready and in perfect condition. - Made with ferrocerium. - They can be used for lighters of different...
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78 mm abadie 500 paper Characteristics: - Packaging for large consumers. - High-quality paper.- Made from rice. - It's extra fine. - Slow burning. - It has 100% natural rubber. - The paper has a size of 78 mm x 44...
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6mm Krypton Slim 200 Filters Characteristics: - Excellent quality filters at a very economical price. - Made of cotton. - Paper-coated. - Perfect for making fine cigarettes. - Filters come in flexible, zip-lock bags....
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