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  • 1,00 € IVA incl. In Stock
    Clipper Collection Holland Im so Features: - Collection The Netherlands - New model of clipper.- 4 different Models - Nylon body - The gas and the stone can be recharged - Calls fixed, no stable and no scent - Designed in Spain - Price per unit - You can choose the design that you want or the entire box. - If you want you can add a comment in...

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  • 0,77 € IVA incl. In Stock
    Clipper Alphabet Eyes TUVW Features: - Clipper collection Spain - The gas and the stone can be recharged - Made in Spain - Price per unit - Select the model you want

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  • 1,03 € IVA incl. In Stock
    Filters OCB 6mm long Features: - 100 filters Slim 6 mm in diameter. - Filter length 20 mm - Sachet flexible inviolable and closing. - To make cigarettes fine.

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  • 0,77 € IVA incl. In Stock
    Clipper Emoji Monkeys Features: - The gas and the stone can be recharged - Clipper Emoji - Made in Spain - Price per unit - Select the model you want

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  • 9,67 € IVA incl. In Stock
    Shisha Lotus Rainbow 25 cm 1 Hose Features: - Shisha, 25 cm high - Includes Cup, hose, tongs - Metal details

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  • 1,94 € IVA incl. In Stock
    Clipper + Pouch Silicone Basque Country Features: - Unit price. - Nylon body - Silicone case - The gas and the stone can be recharged - Designed in Spain - If you want you can add a comment in your order, indicating the clipper model that you want to acquire.

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  • 15,13 € IVA incl. In Stock
    10 bags of Filters Boom 8mm strong Mint with Click 100 units Features: - The filter contains a capsule of flavor, just squeeze it for the filter to soak up flavor of menthol. - Mint flavor strong - Filter Regular 8 mm - Contains 10 bags of 100 filters

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  • 17,30 € IVA incl. In Stock
    Pipe wood Mr Brog No. 48 Features: - Pipe wood - Length 15 cm - Diameter of fireplace 2 cm - Diameter of cup 6 cm - Green

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  • 0,97 € IVA incl. In Stock
    Smoking organic Roll Features: - The new range Smoking organic this made with hemp 100% Biological, cultivated ecologically, without pesticides,herbicides, etc... - The rubber paper is 100% natural and vegetal, garanzitandote a better hit with a single pass and the paper is thin with only 13 g/m2 - Paper of 4000 mm x 344 mm - Each roll contains 4...

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  • 9,98 € IVA incl. In Stock
    Porta tobacco Skin Nap The godfather Features: - Cover porta tobacco skin The godfather - A sheath and comfortable practice where you can save the bite and booklets. - Has measures 13cm long by 8cm long. - A close by magnets, and in the back, a small zipped pocket. - The tobacco pouch has a compartment made from latex that is especially designed to...

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  • 3,62 € IVA incl. In Stock
    Machine injection colors Super Discount Features: - Plastic - Machine injector tubes - Different colors

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  • 27,83 € IVA incl. In Stock
    Scale DX100 0.01 gr to 100 gr Features: - This scale weighs up to 100 g, with an accuracy of 0.01 g.- Thanks to its small size, this digital scale is easy to transport and therefore always to hand.Up to 100g Accuracy of 0.01 g Size: 11cm x 6 cm Auto power off after 30 sec. 2 batteries 1.5 V AAA included Silver ColorA mini-scale...

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  • 1,57 € IVA incl. In Stock

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  • 0,91 € IVA incl. In Stock
    Filters, Tar Gard model Mini Mini Features: - 10 filters per box. - Comfortable filters for use in cigarettes, which help to absorb some of the nicotine from the cigarette.Preserves the taste of the tobacco. - Measures 25 mm long - The effect Vénturi, on which is based the operation of this filter, has emerged as the natural method to a more advanced...

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  • 18,15 € IVA incl. In Stock
    Paper of roll-your-own Smoking Nº8 Red(1x50) Features: - Measures 70x37mm.- Each librilllo paper contains 60 sheets.- Has a weight of 18g/m2. - Role is a classic, medium weight, filigranado with horizontal lines, solid, and combustion media. - The box contains 50 booklets of smoking paper Smoking Network of 70 mm x 37mm.

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  • 4,60 € IVA incl. In Stock
    Liquid Hype Branilla 10 ml Features: - The vial contains 10 ml - Hype Branila is a whim exquisite, created from a selection of vanilla emulsified with cream on a biscuit base, cream, and traces of caramel. A balanced fusion of hues creamy to taste on a daily basis.eo.

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  • 74,00 € IVA incl. In Stock
    Hookah Oduman N2 Travel Glass Features:Bong of Premium QualityCrystal 100% handmadeMetal parts made of stainless steelSize: 11.5 cmDoes not include cupIncludes 1 silicone hose 1.5 m, washable and spring loaded aluminum for greater flexibility and to avoid it to fold completely

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  • 24,19 € IVA incl. In Stock
    XL Silvertip Gizeh Features: - Easy use of the machine Gizeh largest - Machine injector designed for cigarettes of 84mm to 15mm - Follow the instructions - Always keep clean

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  • 0,61 € IVA incl. In Stock
    Lighter Torch Buzz Features: - Lighter Buzz torch - Cigarette lighter plastic-ultra lightweight - Price per unit

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  • 0,54 € IVA incl. In Stock
    Filters USING Regular Features: - Format: transparent Bag, close hermetico - Each filter measures 8 mm - Each bag contains 100 filters Regular BEFORE 0,60€ NOW 0,40€.

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