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Box Pack 001 We have available one of our BoxPack, the new kit for the smoker. The BoxPack contains: 1 x Filters Raw Cardboard 1 x Carbon Filters Rolls 10 units (Design case random) 1x Medical Pot White 125 ml 1x...
BoxPack SILVER The BoxPack contains: 1x Cone Cyclone Cola flavor 1x Item Metal Coffin 1x Paper Tuxedo Silver Roll 4 m 4x Janus, Filter Dollar Silver 1x Bottle Camouflage Can of Preserves 1x Clipper +...
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Filters Smoking 6mm Mint Features: - It is a bag of the classic filter Smoking now created in menthol - Made for all those lovers of the brand, who can now enjoy a few cigarettes fine menthol flavoring - 120 fitros...
Paper of roll-your-own Smoking Red no. 8 Features: - Measures 70x37mm.- Each librilllo paper contains 60 sheets.- Has a weight of 18g/m2.- Role is a classic, medium weight, filigranado with horizontal lines, solid,...
Cigarette rolling papers OCB VIRGIN 1 1/4 Features: - Measures 77 x 44 mm - Brown paper and Ultra-thin, no bleaching process, very light and somewhat porous. Provides an experience more smooth smoking.
Role of rolling OCB Slim Virgin Features: - 110 mm long. - OCB Virgin Paper is a paper non-bleached. The result is a natural color light brown. - As all the papers OCB ultra-thin, each sheet is filigranada with...
Cigarette rolling papers Rizla Red (1x100) Features:- Measures 70mm.- Each booklet contains 50hojas.- Role of daily use of long duration. - The box contains 100 booklets of smoking paper Rizla Red 70mm long.
Filters Rizla Slim 6 mm (1x50) Features: - New formato: transparent Bag, vacuum seal. - Filter 6 mm - 150 filters per bag. The case contains 50 Bags of filters Rizla Slim 6mm
Cigarette rolling papers Rizla Blue (1x100) Features:- Combustion slow.- Measures: 70 x 37 mm- Lightweight paper, low ash, and it burned super slow. The box contains 100 booklets of smoking paper Rizla Blue 70 mm long.
Cigarette rolling papers OCB Green 70 mm (1x25) Features: - New carrying case, contains 25 booklets of smoking paper OCB 70mm. - Measures 69x36mm- Contains 50hojas.- Role semicombustible. - Created with recycled...
Paper RAW No. 8, 70 mm - 50 booklets Features: - Measures 70mm and contains 50 sheets per booklet.- An entire box contains 50 booklets. - Smoking paper without chlorine, made from the fibers of mixture of flax and...
Cigarette rolling papers Raw 2/ window (1X25) Features:- Role is a 70mm double window.- Contains 100 sheets per booklet. The box contains 25 Booklets of smoking paper Raw double window 70mm.