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BoxPack Clipper SURPRISE The BoxPack contains: 1x Tray Exhibiting Clipper 1x Case 9 Stones Clipper 3x Flints replacement for Clipper 1x Paper Clipper Collectable Jerico 70 mm 10x Clippers with design random...
BoxPack Green ECO The new BoxPack Green ECO, now more affordable !!! The BoxPack contains: 1x Paper King size Breit 1x paper King size Breit Dollar 2x Filters cardboard Greengo 1x Ashtray Metal (random Design) 1x...
BoxPack KRYPTON It has already reached the Pack of Initiation of Installation of Cigars! The pack contains: 5 x small Box of Tubes Krypton Filter of 15 mm of 200 units - 1000 TUBES total !!! 1 x injection Machine...
BoxPack LOVE The new BoxPack, with our products more love! The BoxPack contains: PIKOTAS to sweeten the Love!! 1x Grinder Your Other Waterproof Red 1x Paper king Blunt Flavour Lollipop 1x Paper Royal blunt hemp...
BoxPack Tubes Mix New BoxPack, the entire variety of pipes !!! The BoxPack contains: 1x Box of Tubes Fresh Bomb Peppermint 100ud 1x Box of Tubes Fresh Bomb Strong Mint Artic 100ud 1x Box of Tubes Fresh Red Forest...
BoxPack MONKEYThe BoxPack contains:     1x MONKEY 18X14cm metal tray with grinder SCRAPER     1x MONKEY ashtray     2x King size MONKEY paper     2x Paper MONKEY king size Brown     2x Tips Cardboard Monkey     2x...
ORGANIC BoxPackThe new BoxPack, with our most Natural products!The BoxPack contains:     1x 70mm Raw Paper     1x Organic Ocb Paper 70mm     1x Organic Gizeh Paper 78mm     1x Natural Abadie Paper 78mm     1x ECO...
BoxPack PINK The BoxPack contains: 1x Metal Tray Dankachu 27,50 x 17mm (Exclusive pack) 1x Paper Juicy Jay's Cotton candy King Size 1x Clipper Hippie Hands (random) 1x Saverette Pink 1x Card Grinder Hamsa 1x Roll...
RASTA BoxPackThe BoxPack contains:     1x Grinder 3d 40mm 4 parts     1x Rasta Metal Box 12*6*2     1x Paper MONKEY JAMAICA king size + TIPS     1x MONKEY king size paper + TIPS + Tray     1x Ziggi King size Rasta...
RAW Box Pack The new BOX of Tu Otro Estanco with the brand you like most RAW !! The box contains: RAW tray 18 x 12 cm Raw cardboard filters Raw cone perfect cardboard filters Raw Filters pre-rolled 8mm Pack...
BoxPack Raw BrazilThe BoxPack contains:     1x Raw Brazil Tray 17.5 x 27.5cm     1x Clipper Raw logos     1x Raw Ashtray     1x 200 king size paper     1x Raw King Size Paper     1x Organic Raw King Size Paper     1x...
BoxPack SECRETOur SURPRISE BoxPack is here!!!The BoxPack contains:Everything you need to spend an entertaining afternoon!You will not miss anything!
BoxPack SECRETOur SURPRISE BoxPack is here!!!The BoxPack contains:     1x metal ashtray     1x 6mm Filter Bag     2x Jano Filters "Special Edition"     Actitube Samples     1x Clipper Spain     1x 5ml container     1x...
Filters Boom 8mm Spearmint with Click 100u Features: - The filter contains a capsule of flavor, just squeeze it for the filter to soak up flavor of menthol. - Flavor Peppermint - Filter Regular 8 mm - Contains 100...
Tubes X-Trem 500u,filter length(1x16) Features: - It is a drawer of tubes X-TREME filter a long.- The drawer of tubes X-TREME filter a long. contains: 16 boxes of 500 tubes. - The unit of sale contains 8000 pipes
tubes  Smoking 100u (1x5) Features: - The case of Tubes contains 100 units - The unit of sale contains 5 boxes of Tubes Smoking 100u - The unit of sale contains 500 tubes  
Cigarette rolling papers Smoking organic # 8 Features: - Made with hemp 100% Biological, without blaquear, is totally chlorine free. Gum - 100% natural, ultra-thin of 13 g/m2 - Paper 70 x 37 mm
Filters Tar Gard Permanent Features: - Mouthpieces for cigarettes model "permanent" Tar Gard.- Once the metal filter is clogged by the nicotine, clean with soap.- Contains a clear nozzle and a black one spare. -...
Filters of Cardboard, Raw (1 x 50) Caractetrísticas: - 1 box contains 50 booklets of filters of cardboard Raw - The filter type of carton is organic - Each booklet contains 50 filters cardboard
Tubes X-TRA 1100u, filters long(1x8) Features: - It is a drawer of tubes X-TREME filter a long.- The sales unit contains: 8 boxes of 1100 tubes. - The unit of sale contains 8800 tubes.
Filters Smoking Regular 7,5 mm features : - Measure filter 7,5 mm - Filter of super narrow diameter. Ideal for whom 120 filters wish a super thin cigarette of 7,5 mm of diameter - - 120 filters for bag
Paper Gizeh organic King Size Slim Features: - Weight/weight: 14.0 g/m2 of gum Arabic natural - Format: 44 x 107 mm - Organic hemp - Role Gizeh Pure 1 1/4 unbleached, made of hemp, organic. - Slow combustion wood...
Paper Smoking Thinnest ultra-thin 70 mm Features: - The paper is more fine of the market - Contains 60 sheets, size 69 X 37 mm, paper of 10 g/m2, and filigranado Smoking®. FSC®certified. - Gum of vegetable origin 100%...