Gas & Gasoline

Gas and petrol to recharge lighters and give extra life to your lighters.

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300 ml "Pure" clipper Gas Characteristics: - Leading brand in the market. - Pure clipper gas is composed of more than 98% isobutane gas, considered the purest gas on the market. - Ideal for recharging lighters as well...
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125 ml zippo petrol Characteristics: - Fuel for gasoline lighters.- It does not give flavor to the cigarette when we light it.- Low odor.- Clean combustion.- Quantity: 125 ml.- Recommended for optimal performance from...
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300 ml clipper gas Characteristics: - Leading brand in the market. - The only 100% isobutane, also called blue gas. - Free of impurities. - The one indicated for recharging lighters. - The cap incorporates 4 different...
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Composition & Safety

clipper gas is composed almost 100% isobutane gas, if you want to make sure of the most exact purity you should buy the pure version of the gas clipper which is the cleanest.

Use & Recharge

clipper gas is mainly used to recharge lighters or lighters, especially clipper ones, but it also has more uses, for example pure gas can be used to make resin or BHO extractions.

How to recharge your lighter

In the case of lighters, clipper first place the lighter in the "upside down" position and fit the gas outlet of the bottle to the base of the lighter. Then press for a couple of seconds and release. Repeat this same action several times until the lighter is full.
When we finish recharging our lighter we must be very careful and wait at least a minute to test and light it. It is essential not to operate any lighter in the room where we are or near the newly recharged lighter during this short period of time, since during the process of recharging the lighter there may be a small escape of gas to the outside and this could lead to combustion.
If we observe that after having been recharged, the lighter continues to not work, then the problem is most likely the stone, or the wick in the case that we are trying to recharge a zippo.

And as a picture is worth a thousand words, here are a couple of videos so that you can take a look at them, clear up doubts and have a clearer idea about how to recharge both your clipper lighter and your zippo lighter.

Recharge clipper

Recharge zippo