Lighter clipper

Do you like the iconic lighters clipper? Grow your collection with us! At tu otro estanco we have many models available of this emblematic lighter at the best price.

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You'll never run out of lighter again! Here you will find everything from the most basic clipper to the most extravagant. Unique and original designs, but above all easy to recharge and use thanks to its removable stone system.

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Do you have a retail establishment, a small supermarket, association, tobacconist or grocery store? Then you can't miss a clipper display for sale. On our website you can select the variety yourself, as well as create your own tray or the display that best suits your preferences.

How do you recharge a lighter clipper?

Although Flamagas guarantees that a clipper lasts approximately 3000 ignitions, being one of the lighters with the most guaranteed ignitions, due to prolonged use over time we will have the need to refill its gas in the future.

First we must get a bottle of gas, better if it is of the brand clipper like the ones we sell on our website. We have to put the lighter down and press the mouth of the bottle towards the base of the lighter several times.
It is always better to wait a while for any gas that may have been released into the room to clear before lighting the lighter again.
Here we can see a video made by the company Flamagas itself explaining how to recharge:

How to change the stone of a lighter clipper?

Pull the thread or metal wheel to remove the tube containing the stone.
Unscrew the base of the tube to remove the worn stone, you can use a coin or a screwdriver.
Insert the stone into the tube and screw it on. Put it in the clipper and enjoy!

How to change the thread or flint of a clipper?

On our website you will find original replacement flints of the brand.

clipper can be your unlimited lighter. With gas, stones, and flints, you can repair and recharge your lighter so that it lasts you indefinitely.

What types of Clippers are there?

The classic clipper , the one of a lifetime, with a size of 7.5 millimeters, plastic body and rechargeable.
The metal clipper with a metal body, even more durable and also rechargeable.
The clipper with a cork, semi-leather, silicone or plastic cover.
The clipper micro that is a bit smaller and thinner than the original, but rechargeable with the same gas.
The clipper tube, a much longer clipper that allows it to be used both in the kitchen and in any other situation in which it is necessary to keep the flame further away from the hand.