How do I use my reward points?

* Please note, the only product that does not award reward points is TUBES.

1- When the customer places an order, they earn loyalty points, which will be added as soon as their order goes into the delivered state. From that moment on, you will have the points available for your next orders.

2- Value of the points:

Reward points will be applied to the order with taxes included (VAT).

  • 100 points are equal to €1.
  • 1 point equals €0.01.
Under "My Account", you can check the number of reward points you have.
Let's take an example: a customer places an order for €50 (including VAT), with which he will receive 100 loyalty points. These points will be added to your account the moment you receive the order at home. Now that you have the points, you can transform them into a discount coupon, which you can use whenever you want.


Here's a practical example to see how you could make your purchase with points:

1. Browse the web and add the products you want to the cart.

2. Check your points in the My Rewards section under the "My Account" tab.

3. Once you know how many points you have, it's time to transform them into a discount coupon by clicking on "transform my rewards into a discount voucher of ... €"

4. It is very important to confirm this step by clicking "accept".

5. Once created, it will appear in the list of our coupons and we must add it to our cart by clicking on the "add to cart" button.

6. Once you have completed step 5, you can go to your cart and you will see the corresponding discount applied.

7. Now all you have to do is wait for your order to arrive to enjoy all our products!

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* Excluded Service for Wholesalers