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Black Coco's Charcoal Drawer - 20kg Characteristics: It is a premium charcoal made from 80% coconut bark. Thanks to its cubic format, you get a great advantage when handling it and placing it in the bowl.It does not...
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Cococha Mini Gold Charcoal Characteristics: Charcoal 80% coconut shell Gold format measures 25x25x25mm Contains 9 pills No taste, no smoke and no ashes Slow burning High Purity, Low Moisture Compact Gold Format
Akhla Coal Characteristics: Odourless 33mm Akhla Charcoal charcoal. Uniform combustion, time to keep incandescent 60 mm approx. The sales unit contains a tube with 6 pills. No taste and clean smoke. Sale per unit.
Cocourth Coal 1KgCharacteristics: - Premium 1kg charcoal.- 96 cubes of 100% natural coconut charcoal.- Low ash content.- Odor-free.- It doesn't affect the taste.- Contains no chemicals such as nitrate or sulfur....
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