Disposable Vaper or Disposable Pod

The disposable vape is the most convenient way to vape, without the complications of resistors or mixing liquids, just take it out of the box and vape, you don't even have to turn it on!

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Disposable Dragbar 5000 0% Disposable pod has up to 5000 steam bean bags. It has a USB-C charging port to recharge its battery and thus be able to squeeze the last drop of eliquid. Characteristics: - 0% nicotine.-...
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Brooklyn Disposable Peach Pods 0% Characteristics: - 0% nicotine.- 600 pouf (approx).- 2 ml e-liquid tank.- 400 mAh battery.-Dimensions:Length 8.5 cmDiameter 1.5 cm Combine the freshest flavors from our catalog in...
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These throwaway vapers have a longer life than expected, with 500 or 600 puffs of use. You don't need to worry about the liquid or the battery, as they are included in the product. When you finish the 600 puffs you can recycle it at a recycling point. You don't need to use them all at once, you can keep it in your pocket for days and it will still be ready for you to take a hit at any time. No nicotine and no tar. You don't even need a lighter!


Totally vape ready

Just take it out of the box and vape! All you have to do is remove the protections and take your first hit, you don't need to press a button, you don't need to configure the resistance, you don't need anything. It works like a charm, you don't need any knowledge about vaping to be able to use it, you inhale as if it were a cigarette and enjoy the best sensation without nicotine or tar.


Comfortable and lightweight

The size of a lighter and much more practical, you won't have the hassle of running out of paper or battery in the middle of the party, with a spare disposable vape in case you run out of the first one you will have enough for the whole night and the following days. And if you have a different flavour in the second vaper, you can treat yourself to changing bottles of vape liquids without cumbersomeness, convenience above all.


Almost infinite variety of flavors

From the classic banana, peach or vanilla to the more refined ones such as cotton candypiña colada or energy drink. You'll never get tired of trying new flavors.


Gain in security

These disposable vapers are much safer than traditional vapers because their components are not modified by anyone who is not an expert. There is no chance that its battery will be damaged after many uses, that its resistance will lose capacity or that its fuel tank will leak, these typical problems in traditional vapers will not happen to you with a single-use vaper. You'll enjoy the 600 hits without fear of unpleasant flavors or unexpected explosions.


How long does a single-use disposable vape or pod last?

Disposable pods are single-use vapers, i.e. they have a limited number of puffs depending on the model. They are usually around 400 to 600, when that limit is reached the vaper will simply stop working. The liquid charge is measured next to the battery charge so you don't run out of either before the other. You can go many days without using it and then when you use it again it will work like a charm.
In English, these particular items are called puffs.


Stand out at night!

Many of our pods include LED lights that light up when you take a hit, so get ready to be the center of attention!


Is disposable vaping bad for your health?

The nicotine-free disposable vape is much less harmful than any nicotine vaper, and a nicotine vape is much less harmful than tobacco. Therefore, if you use a nicotine-free disposable vape to quit smoking or to quit vaping with nicotine, it will be a good step for the benefit of your health. However, doctors advise against vaping. These products are intended for those over the age of 18 as they affect your health negatively. So now you know, if you can avoid vaping do it, but if it helps you quit smoking or you assume the damage to your health that vaping can do, better if it's nicotine-free.


Can I use the disposable vape to quit smoking?

Yes, it is a highly recommended product to quit smoking, since it is very simple to use and does not have to learn about resistors, batteries and other components, it has very few barriers to entry for the customer. Making the leap to a nicotine-free disposable vape can be difficult, but using it as a substitute for certain cigarettes a day to lower your nicotine dose is a good tactic. You can also combine it with nicotine gum or patches. However, asking your doctor for help is always the best option to quit smoking.


Can I buy in bulk?

Yes, if you are self-employed or a company you can benefit from wholesale prices, contact us through our info@tuotroestanco.com email and we will set you the wholesale prices. You can benefit whether you are a shop, a vending company, a tobacconist or a growshop, even if you are a cannabis association.


Now also with CBD

Now you can enjoy the greater convenience of the disposable vape but with the effects of CBD, in a totally legal and safe way. With disposable CBD vapes, you can enjoy all its flavor anywhere and without worries about its legality.
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