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Stones clipper Characteristics: - Original stones of the clipper brand. - Ideal for keeping your lighter always ready and in perfect condition. - Made with ferrocerium. - They can be used for lighters of different...
Wick zippo Characteristics: - Original replacement wick of the famous zippo brand. - Perfect for keeping your lighter always in perfect condition. - Allows the flame to remain totally stable while using the lighter. -...
Stones zippo Characteristics: - They are the most commonly used stones for gasoline lighters. - Indicated especially for lighters of the zippo brand, although they can be used in lighters of other brands. - The...
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Lighters are made up of a tank that stores the fuel (gasoline, butane or other) and a stone that causes the spark by rubbing. With time and continued use, it is very normal that we need spare parts so that the lighters continue to work as they did on the first day.

How can I replace the stone of a lighter clipper?

You only need to know 3 simple steps, we will tell you about them below:

Imagen que ilustra cómo cambiar la piedra a un mechero Clipper

1 - Pull the thread or metal wheel until the tube containing the stone is removed.
2 - Unscrew the base of the tube to remove the worn stone , you can help yourself with a coin or screwdriver.
3 -Put the stone inside the tube and screw it on, put it in the clipper and that's it!



How can I replace the stone in a zippo lighter?

 Below is a video so that you can see in a simple, clear and visual way the steps that must be followed to replace the stone of your lighter zippo.



How can I replace the wick of a zippo lighter?

First of all, let's talk a little bit about wick maintenance. When we acquire a lighter zippo the wick is obviously brand new, so we will observe that its appearance is completely white, what happens is that with the passage of time and uses it becomes dark and acquires a charred appearance, this is due to the accumulation of carbon. When this happens, what we need to do is trim the wick.

Here are the steps you need to take:

  • 1º - With the help of tweezers or pliers, carefully pull the wick upwards until it appears clean. It is advisable that when you do this step you grab the wick as low as possible, so that we will prevent it from tearing.
  • 2nd - Now trim the charred end with scissors or cutting pliers.

It is advisable to maintain the wick once or twice a year.

How will we know when it's time to replace the wick?

That moment will have come when we see that the lighter does not light or when we have to repeat the lighting attempts a lot.

Each wick reaches an approximate length of about 4 centimeters, there will come a time when we will have to change it, what the house advises zippo is to replace it every two or three trimmings.

Is it time to replace the wick? Don't worry, you'll find zippo highlights at an affordable price.

Below we leave you with a video, in which you can see in a clear and visual way both the process of maintenance and trimming of the wick and the step-by-step explanation of how to replace the wick.

What is a Humidifying Stone or Humidifying Stone?

When we buy roll-your-own tobacco, we often buy it in large quantities, such as the large jars sold in many tobacconists. This has a drawback and that is that over time the tobacco begins to dry out excessively.

When tobacco dries out, it can sometimes be unpleasant to smoke and even sting when you take a hit, which is why it is common for many people to prefer wet roll-your-own tobacco. But how can we fix this problem? Very easy, by purchasing a humidifier stone for tobacco. We have what you are looking for, in our catalog you will find Raw and Natur humidifying stones at a very affordable price. These stones are made with the perfect size and porosity necessary so that your tobacco does not dry out and is always in optimal conditions.

How do humidifier stones work?

These stones have a very simple operation. They are made with materials that absorb water, such as synthetic polymers or terracotta. Before using it, the instructions of the stone tell us to soak it in water for approximately five minutes, during that time the stone will absorb the amount of water it needs to perform its function. So when you put it inside the package or the jar where you have the rolling tobacco, the stone will dry very little by little over the days, the water that evaporates from it will be absorbed by the tobacco, thus improving its humidity.

Things to keep in mind when moistening tobacco

Tobacco when it is very dry is harsh and somewhat unpleasant to the taste, but wet it is completely impossible to smoke, basically because it will not ignite. It is necessary to find the perfect balance, for this the tobacco must have a maximum of 70% humidity. To find this perfect balance, use humidifier stones, as their mission is to achieve that specific level of humidity.