Disposable Frumist Pod

Discover the most famous and recognized brand of disposable pods. The variety of flavors will surprise you, find yours!

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Variety of flavors

Frumist has a wide range of flavours, from grape to mojito, strawberry ice cream, cola, energy drink or cotton candy.


How long does a Frumist disposable pod last?

Frumist's pods have a 400 mAh battery with enough power for the 500 puffs it promises. It'seasy and manageable, so the way to use a disposable frumist pod is overwhelmingly simple, you'll just have to vacuum. You don't have to press any buttons, connect it, or fill it in.


Small and stylish

A Frumist is not much longer than a lighter, it is totally compact and very light, so you can carry it without problems in your pocket. Thanks to its fully optimized design, you won't have to worry about liquid leaks.

They have an elegant and very eye-catching design made up of a wide range of colors that correspond to their corresponding flavors.


Is it recyclable?

The Frumist disposable pod is fully recyclable. Remember not to throw it in the normal trash, take it to a tobacconist or where you bought it so that it is recycled properly.


Can you buy Frumist in bulk?

Yes, of course, on our website you can buy wholesale with special prices on all products, including Frumist pods. To do this, you just have to send form 036 or 037 to our email info@tuotroestanco.com indicating that you want to have wholesale prices. They can buy wholesale from shops, tobacconists, growshops, vending companies, freelancers and cannabis associations.