Disposable Brooklyn Pod

Discover the most powerful flavour with the greatest convenience. Brooklyn disposable pods are the perfect substitute for the traditional e-cigarette but with 0 complications and now with 0 nicotine.

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All the flavour

Enjoy the most refreshing flavors in each Brooklyn disposable pod without having to carry or refill it, just vacuum and enjoy. Durable and practical. With your BallMY brand disposable Brooklyn vaper you will get up to 600 hits.

Recyclable and respectful of the planet

Single-use pods can be recycled. You can take your disposable pod to a recycling center or where you bought it to have it recycled.

Vaping Is Not Smoking

In Spain, vaping can be done in enclosed spaces, as long as the owner of the premises does not indicate otherwise through posters or is one of the following exceptions: public transport, playgrounds or schools, public bodies and health centres. In a restaurant you can use your disposable Brooklyn vaper as long as the owner of the place does not tell you otherwise.