Medium Gizeh paper 1 1/4

Paper Gizeh Fine 78 mm Characteristics. Weight/grammage : 18.5 g/m² gum Arabic gum Format: 35.8 x 78 mm Medium combustion Booklet contains 50 papers GIZEH FINE This fine paper provides authentic tobacco enjoyment....
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Paper Gizeh Super Fine 1 1/4 Features: - Watermarked super fine paper that provides pure, authentic tobacco enjoyment. - Slow burning. - Extra fine, almost transparent. - With gum Arabic, from acacia sap. - It has a...
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Paper Gizeh Organic 78 mm Characteristics: - This is one of the best papers on the market.- Made from certified natural organic hemp.- Contains natural gum arabic from acacia sap.- Unbleached.- Extra fine.- The...
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