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Smoking filters

€8.47 (tax incl.)
Filters Smoking 6mm Brown (1x10) Features: - The box contains 10 sachets of Filters Smoking Brown 6 mm. - Each bag contains 120 filters. - Filters Biodegradable, respect the environment. Chlorine-free, unbleached,...
€23.60 (tax incl.)
Filters Smoking 6mm long (1x30) Features: - The box contains 30 bolsitss of Filters Smoking over 6 mm. - Filter length 22 mm - Each bag contains 120 filters per bag.
€1.09 (tax incl.)
Filters Smoking 6mm Mint Features: - It is a bag of the classic filter Smoking now created in menthol - Made for all those lovers of the brand, who can now enjoy a few cigarettes fine menthol flavoring - 120 fitros...
€21.18 (tax incl.)
Filters Smoking 8mm long (green) (1x25) Features: - 1 box contains 25 bags of Filters Smoking 8mm long - The filter size is 22 mm x 8 mm - 100 filters per bag. - The longest (22mm). Filters regular 8 mm in diameter,...
€0.85 (tax incl.)
Filters Smoking long 8 mm (green) Features: - Measure filter 22 mm x 8 mm - 100 filters bag. - Longest (22mm). - Regular filters of 8 mm of diameter, of type "Classic Rolling" or wrapped in paper. They will allow you...
€0.73 (tax incl.)
Filters Smoking Regular 7,5 mm features : - Measure filter 7,5 mm - Filter of super narrow diameter. Ideal for whom 120 filters wish a super thin cigarette of 7,5 mm of diameter - - 120 filters for bag
€1.15 (tax incl.)
Filters Smoking regular 8mm (red) Features: - The filter measures 8 mm - 100 filters per bag. - Designed with a surface alveolar that facilitates the bundled. BEFORE 1,00€ NOW 0,95€.
€10.89 (tax incl.)
Filters Tuxedo 6mm mint (1x10) Features: - The box contains 10 sachets of Filters Smoking 6 mm mint. - Each bag contains 120 filters of Smoking mint - Coated filter paper with mint that adds a characteristic flavor of...
€30.25 (tax incl.)
Filters of cardboard Smoking Features: - 1 box contains 50 filters cardboard Smoking - Each booklets contains 50 filters filters of cardboard Smoking - Color White - Material glucose.
€0.99 (tax incl.)
Filters of cardboard Smoking Conical Features: - Contains 33 filters of cardboard - Ideal for making filters of cardboard in the shape of a cone - Filter perforated for easy folding - measures 78x26 mm - sales by unit
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