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rolling paper

  • Paper Abadie

    Paper Abadie

    <p><img src="https://www.tuotroestanco.com/img/cms/abadie.jpg" alt="" width="1610" height="347" /></p> <p>The abadie paper is a Spanish-made paper and a classic among smokers, this paper is ultra-thin, slow-burning and is manufactured without using chlorine or any other harmful chemical agent.<br /><br />The paper abadie is rice paper with natural rubber and there are several formats of booklets, from <a href="https://www.tuotroestanco.com/en/paper-de-fumar/3854-papel-abadie-king-size-de-110-mm-8414775016098.html">King size</a> al <a href="https://www.tuotroestanco.com/en/papel-abadie/113-papel-abadie-n8-regular-de-70-mm-8451239039705.html">small 70 mm</a>, going through the medium <a href="https://www.tuotroestanco.com/en/papel-abadie/114-papel-abadie-196-de-78-mm-8452561122264.html">1 1/4 de 78 mm</a> in 50-sheet format and <a href="https://www.tuotroestanco.com/en/papel-abadie/110-papel-abadie-500-de-78-mm-8414775001155.html">500</a>, which is one of its most famous and well-known formats.<br /><br />It also has a range of unbleached papers, both long and short.</p>
  • Paper Mascotte

    Paper Mascotte

  • Papel Party in House

    Papel Party in House

  • Papel Empire Rolling

    Papel Empire Rolling

  • Paper transparent Aleda

    Paper transparent Aleda

    <p>ALeda is a true cult brand of transparent rolling papers. It is imported from Brazil and has already conquered the hearts of smokers around the world. aLeda Papers are 100% cellulose and biodegradable.</p>
  • Flavor Paper

    Flavor Paper

    <p>These paper brands are true flavor bombs for smokers. You have to try the wide variety we have!</p>
  • Paper Pay-Pay

    Paper Pay-Pay

    <p><img src="https://www.tuotroestanco.com/img/cms/papel%20paypay.jpg" alt="" width="1610" height="347" /></p>
  • Paper collection

    Paper collection

  • Paper gold Shine

    Paper gold Shine

  • Paper Gizeh

    Paper Gizeh

  • Paper Tar Gard

    Paper Tar Gard

  • Paper Smoking

    Paper Smoking

    <p><span><img src="https://www.tuotroestanco.com/img/cms/smoking%202.jpg" alt="" width="1610" height="347" /></span></p> <p><span>Smoking paper from Smoking is the Iberian brand recognized throughout the world. It has a wide range and its quality has made Smoking paper a standard for sophisticated smokers.</span></p>
  • Paper Clipper

    Paper Clipper

    <p><img src="https://www.tuotroestanco.com/img/cms/banner%20clipper%20.jpg" alt="" width="1610" height="347" /></p>
  • Paper OCB

    Paper OCB

    <p><span><img src="https://www.tuotroestanco.com/img/cms/ocb.jpg" alt="" width="1610" height="347" /></span></p> <p><span>OCB cigarette paper is one of the most popular in Europe. Thanks to a wide range of sizes and thicknesses, OCB papers offer something different and exclusive for each smoker.</span></p> <p><span>extended_description</span></p> <p><span>OCB is undoubtedly the best paper for a vending machine and one of the best sellers in Growshops and shops specializing in the art of smoking, its sales strengthen it as a leader in the sector in Spain and it is undoubtedly one of the One of the most demanded by users, a safe bet in vending would be the premium range, specifically the <span style="color: #cd3133;"><strong><a href="https://www.tuotroestanco.com/en/media-paper-1-14-ocb/10624-paper-ocb-premium-1-14-de-78-mm-8458325972144.html"><span style="color: #cd3133;">OCB Premium black 1 1/4</span></a></strong></span>. <br />OCB works with all the typical sizes of smoking paper and has 6 ranges that have paper of all sizes, but among them they differ in composition and in the type of manufacturing that gives them a unique touch.<br /></span></p> <p><span>As a curiosity, </span>the name OCB is formed by its acronym <strong>O</strong> for Odet, the region in which the company was installed for the first time, <strong>C</strong> from Cascadec, the place where the second plant or paper factory was inaugurated and <strong>B</strong> from Bolloré, the surname of the company's founders.<span></span></p> <p>Buy <span class="error misspelling" title="Possible misspelling found.">OCB</span><span class="grammar correction" title="Possible typo: multiple blanks"> </span>en <span class="misspelling correction" title="A possible spelling error has been found.">easy</span> on our website <span class="grammar correction" title="As a causal phrase, is written with a comma.">tuotroestanco, since</span> <span class="grammar correction" title="Did you mean «they are»?">they are</span> organized by brand and size, which will make it easier for you the purchase <span class="misspelling correction" title="A possible spelling error was found.">very much</span>.</p> <h3 style="text-align: center;"><span><span style="color: #cd3133;"><a href="https://www.tuotroestanco.com/en/busqueda?controller=search&s%20=ocb+premium"><span style="color: #cd3133;">OCB Premium or OCB Black Paper</span></a></span><br /></span></h3> <p><span>This range is the best known, also known as black OCB or the OCB of all life. It is an ultra-thin paper, easy to roll and slow burning, which makes it not consumed, only making it safer.<br /></span></p> <p><span>Another advantage of premium paper is that some sizes such as 1 1/4 include a system to prevent counterfeits, we explain <span style="color: #cd3133;"><strong><a href="https://www.tuotroestanco.com/en/content/17-check-if-your-ocb-is-original"><span style="color: #cd3133;">here </span></a></strong></span>how it works.</span></p> <p><span>You can see the complete range <strong><a href="https://www.tuotroestanco.com/en/busqueda?controller=search&s=ocb+premium">here</a>í</strong></span></p> <p></p> <h3 style="text-align: center;"><span style="color: #cd3133;"><strong><a href="https://www.tuotroestanco.com/en/busqueda?controller=search&s%20=ocb+organic"><span style="color: #cd3133;">OCB Organic Paper</span></a></strong></span></h3> <p><span>This smoking paper is the most organic, made with <span style="color: #cd3133;"><a href="https://www.tuotroestanco.com/en/busqueda?controller=search&s=ocb+ca%C3%B1amo"><span style="color: #cd3133;"><strong>hemp</strong></span></a></span>, the healthiest, the most biodegradable and the best for the planet. You have it in sizes of<strong><span style="color: #cd3133;"> <a href="https://www.tuotroestanco.com/en/papel-ocb/348-papel-ocb-organico-n1-de-70-mm-8493300483710.html"><span style="color: #cd3133;">70 mm</span></a>, <a href="https://www.tuotroestanco.com/en/paper-ocb/257-paper-ocb-organic-1-14-de-78-mm-8479611605423.html"><span style="color: #cd3133;">78 mm</span>, </a><a href="https://www.tuotroestanco.com/es/ocb-paper/1685-110-mm-slim-organic-ocb-paper-8461425134107.html"><span style="color: #cd3133;">110 mm</span></a><a href="https://www.tuotroestanco.com/en/paper-ocb/257-paper-ocb-organic-1-14-de-78-mm-8479611605423.html"> or </a><a href="https://www.tuotroestanco.com/es/papel-ocb/4524-papel-ocb-organico-rollo-8424951078574.%20html"><span style="color: #cd3133;">roll</span></a></span></strong>. Organic ocb paper is the most suitable for combining with natural tobacco.<br /></span></p> <p></p> <h3 style="text-align: center;"><span style="color: #cd3133;"><a href="https://www.tuotroestanco.com/en/busqueda?controller=search&s=ocb+ultimate"><span style="color: #cd3133;">OCB Ultimate Paper</span></a></span></h3> <p><span>OCB decided with the Ultimate range to create the thinnest existing smoking paper, and it succeeded. It is an ultra-thin paper with a density of </span>only 10 g/m². A <span class="misspelling correction selected" title="Possible spelling error found.">virtually</span> transparent, intended for the most purist and demanding smokers.</p> <p></p> <h3 style="text-align: center;"><span style="color: #cd3133;"><a href="https://www.tuotroestanco.com/en/busqueda?controller=search&s=ocb+white"><span style="color: #cd3133;">OCB White or classic paper</span></a></span></h3> <p><span>OCB white paper, also known as classic OCB paper, is a rolling paper made from pure linen. We have this paper in <span style="color: #cd3133;"> <strong><a href="https://www.tuotroestanco.com/en/papel-ocb/860-papel-ocb-blanco-slim-de-110-mm-8414307904992.html"><span style="color: #cd3133;">98 mm</span></a></strong> <span style="color: #000000;">and in</span> <strong><a href="https://www.tuotroestanco.com/en/media-paper-1-14-ocb/9360-paper-ocb-white-1-14-de-78-mm.html"><span style="color: #cd3133;">78 mm</span></a></strong>.</span></span></p> <p></p> <h3 style="text-align: center;"><span style="color: #cd3133;"><a href="https://www.tuotroestanco.com/en/busqueda?controller=search&s=ocb+%20virgin"><span style="color: #cd3133;">OCB Virgin Paper</span></a></span></h3> <p><span>OCB Virgin rolling paper is an unbleached paper, </span><span>from <span class="error misspelling" title="A possible misspelling has been found."></span><span><span class="error misspelling" title="Possible misspelling error found."><span class="misspelling correction" title="Possible misspelling error found."> there</span> your <span class="misspelling correction" title="Possible misspelling error found.">characteristic</span> color <span class="misspelling correction" title="Possible error found spelling.">brown</span></span>. It is healthier thanks to ruling out the use of chemicals in the bleaching process. We have several sizes for sale, you can buy paper from <span style="color: #cd3133;"><strong><a href="https://www.tuotroestanco.com/es/papel-medio-1-%2014-ocb/848-paper-ocb-virgin-1-78-mm-8449268209336.html"><span style="color: #cd3133;">78 mm</span></a>, <a href="https://www.tuotroestanco.com/en/ocb-paper/858-110-mm-virgin-slim-ocb-paper-8487268605789.html"><span style="color: #cd3133;">110 mm</span></a></strong>, <strong><a href="https://www.tuotroestanco.com/en/paper-roll/2688-paper-ocb-virgin-roll%20-slim-4-m-8422621099652.html"><span style="color: #cd3133;">4 meter roll</span></a></strong>.</span></span></span></p> <p></p> <h3 style="text-align: center;"><span style="color: #cd3133;"><strong><a href="https://www.tuotroestanco.com/en/busqueda?controller=search&s=ocb+x-pert"><span style="color: #cd3133;">OCB Xpert Paper</span></a></strong></span></h3> <p><span>The ocb x-pert paper range is a paper intended for experts and with great softness. It is divided into several colors: the<strong> </strong><span style="color: #cd3133;"><a href="https://www.tuotroestanco.com/en/busqueda?controller=search&s=ocb+x-pert+blue"><span style="color: #cd3133;"><strong>OCB xpert blue paper</strong></span></a> <span style="color: #000000;">thin and slow burning, the paper</span> <strong><a href="https://www.tuotroestanco.com/en/ocb-paper/69-70-mm-orange-ocb-paper-8444455935531.html"><span style="color: #cd3133;">OCB xpert orange</span></a> </strong><span style="color: #000000;">which is fast burning or extra fuel and paper</span><strong> <a href="https://www.tuotroestanco.com/en/papel-ocb/370-papel-ocb-x-pert-1-14-de-78-mm-25-booklets-3057067139256.html"><span style="color: #cd3133;">OCB xpert silver</span></a></strong></span> which is especially fine. <br /></span></p> <p></p> <p>You will be able to buy all these ranges of paper in all formats at the best price, even more so if you are a company or self-employed, since we have even lower prices for wholesalers. Check our email <a href="https://www.tuotroestanco.com/es/contactenos">info@tuotroestanco.com</a> if you want to know how to see the special prices for Wholesalers, whether you manage vending machines , as if you have a growshop or specialized store, even cannabis associations can take advantage of this special price.</p>
  • Paper Zig-Zag

    Paper Zig-Zag

  • Raw Paper

    Raw Paper

    <p><span><img src="https://www.tuotroestanco.com/img/cms/raw%20organico.jpg" alt="" width="1610" height="347" /><br /></span></p> <p><span>Raw smoking paper 100% organic and vegan. These cigarette papers offer good flavor just like the good feeling of helping mother land.</span></p>
  • Rizla+ Paper

    Rizla+ Paper

    <p><br />Rizla Paper is a traditional European manufacturer of high quality papers. With great fame in Europe, it is known for sponsoring motorcycling teams and for generating a quality product that lasts over time. Its history began in 1532 with its founder: Pierre Lacroix, the + in its symbol represents the cross as in his surname.<br /><br />Rizla has suffered many variables throughout history, with more than 300 years . In 1981 they produced a liquorice-scented paper, Rizla Liquorice. One of its best-known slow-burning variables is silver and blue Rizla, a fine and resistant paper.<br /><br />Rizla+ paper is among the best valued, in tuotroestanco we have divided it into short, medium and long.<br /><br />The short one is one of the most popular, since it is very useful for rolling tobacco, one of the most popular is paper<a> rizla+ blue.</a><br /><br />Of the medium paper or 1 1 /4 we would highlight <a href="https://www.tuotroestanco.com/en/medio-papel-1-14/9956-rizla-papel-plata-de-78-mm-54034365.html">the paper of roll rizl+ silver 1 1/4</a>.<br /><br /><br /><br /></p> <p></p>
  • Paper Cyclones

    Paper Cyclones

    <p>Cyclones Cones are cones made of cellulose rolling paper, a high quality transparent paper that are ready to fill and smoke. In addition, they are impregnated in various flavors so you can choose the one you like best.</p>
  • Greengo paper

    Greengo paper

    <p><span><img src="https://www.tuotroestanco.com/img/cms/greengo.jpg" alt="" width="1610" height="347" /></span>&lt; /p&gt;</p> <p><span>Greengo rolling papers are FSC certified and unbleached. They are ecological and good for the environment.</span></p>
  • Papel economic

    Papel economic

  • king palm paper

    king palm paper

    <p></p> <p><span style="font-size: small;">King Palm offers the finest hand-rolled natural palm fronds for those seeking quality additive-free smoking paper.</span></p> <p><span style="font-size: small;"><img src="https://www.tuotroestanco.com/img/cms/king%20palm%20sabores.jpg" alt="" width="1902" height="362" /></span></p>
  • Papel Beuz

    Papel Beuz

  • Paper Monkey

    Paper Monkey

  • Paper Buho

    Paper Buho

  • Paper Lion Rolling Circus

    Paper Lion Rolling Circus

  • Papel G-Rollz

    Papel G-Rollz

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