Royal Blunt Hemp Paper Flavor OGK 4u

Royal Blunt Hemp Paper Flavor OGK 4u


- Enjoy a smooth, unique flavour with every hit thanks to Royal Blunts' new range of premium flavoured blunts.
- Made using 100% natural processes, without the use of chemical components or toxic substances of any kind.
- Made entirely from hemp fibers.
- Perfect if you are looking for a healthier alternative and also want to give a special aroma and flavor to your cigarettes.
- They do not contain tobacco or nicotine.
- They offer a slow and prolonged burn.
- They have a cannabis flavor.
- Each blunt has a king size of 105 mm in length.
- In each package we find 4 semi-rolled blunts and carefully separated by plastic protections, thus preventing them from sticking to each other. The 4 are, in turn, housed in a blister pack that has a practical hermetic zip closure, so the interior is perfectly sealed.
- You can open the blister pack, grab your blunt, and save the rest. We won't have to worry, the product will keep all its freshness and aroma intact over time.

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