600 Sheet Green Alfalfa Pay-Pay Paper

600 Sheet Green Alfalfa Pay-Pay Paper


- Ideal format for those who never want to run out of paper.
- Paper made from alfalfa, from which its strong greenish pigmentation is extracted.
- With organic gum arabic from acacia resin.
- Additive-free paper.
- Ultra-thin and resistant.
- 100% chlorine-free.
- Slow burning, due to its low porosity.
- With this type of paper, the cigarette is not consumed if we are not smoking it.
- It has a size of 76 mm x 44 mm.
- With a grammage of 12 g/m².
- The booklet contains 600 sheets.
- Format: it comes packaged in a small box that incorporates a sliding inner tray that protects the papers while they are not being used.
- Made in Spain.

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