Paper Smoking Silver Roll 4 meters


Paper Smoking Silver Roll 4 meters


- Perfect for those who prefer to adjust the length of the cigarette to their liking.
- Ideal choice for those looking for a natural and chemical-free product.
- Paper with low flammability for added security.
- It is one of the lightest papers on the market.
- With 100% natural vegetable gum.
- Ensures better bonding in a single pass.
- No dyes or other additives.
- Slow burning.
- Filigree Smoking® .
- Ensures maximum transparency with the best resistance.
- The paper has a long size of 4 meters x 37 mm.
- With an ultra-thin thickness of 13 g/m².
- FSC certified.
- Made in Spain by Miquel y Costas.

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