Premium OCB Paper 4 Meter Roll - 24 Rolls


Premium OCB Paper 4 Meter Roll - 24 Rolls


- The perfect paper for those who prefer to adjust the length of the cigarette to their liking.
- Each roll contains 4 meters of paper.
- Made from sustainably harvested cellulosic fibres extracted from flax.
- Ultra-thin and transparent.
- With natural acacia gum.
- High-strength paper.
- Slow burning.
- The roll is 4 meters long and 44 mm wide.
- It has a grammage of 13 g/m².
- The case contains 24 rolls.

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The 24 roll paper case OCB premium 4 meter roll is one of the best paper formats in OCB, which is undoubtedly one of the most recognized brands in the world in rolling paper. This type of paper has the standard width, but it has a very important advantage, as it is in roll format you can make the cigarettes of the size you want.

In order to get a more visual idea, here is an image with the comparison of the different types of paper sizes:




The size of the 4-meter OCBRoll paper is the most suitable size if you are not an expert in the art of rolling, since it is more difficult for the tobacco to come out or it is difficult to close the cigarette.
The premium range is characterized by being a chlorine-free, very thin, practically transparent paper with natural gum arabic. The main attraction for smokers who decide to buy black premium OCB paper is its grammage, being a very thin paper that leaves no flavor in cigarettes.
Another of the great advantages of this paper is that it is slow burning, which means that it is not consumed alone, something that happens with industrially manufactured cigarettes.


The brand has OCB great trust since its creation in 1822 in France, from where they continue to manufacture quality European products today.
On our website we always sell original OCB paper, you can check its authenticity yourself by following these steps: .

Apart from this size, OCB has other very similar sizes that can also be very interesting, among which are:

In the OCB paper category, you will find all the types of paper we have from this famous brand.


If you manage a vending machine, do not hesitate to buy this paper if you already have the standard format of 50 papers, this format is for heavy smokers and they will appreciate it.

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