110mm Ultra-Thin Thinnest Smoking Paper

110mm Ultra-Thin Thinnest Smoking Paper


- It is one of the thinnest papers on the market, being 20% lighter than the average current paper.
- It combines maximum transparency with optimal resistance.
- With 100% natural plant-based gum.
- No added dyes or additives of any kind.
- Ensures better bonding in a single pass.
- Slow-burning paper.
- It includes a Smoking watermark that guarantees its quality.
- It has a king size of 108 mm x 44 mm.
- With a grammage of 10 g/m².
- The booklet contains 33 sheets.
- FSC-certified® paper.
- One of the first to incorporate sticky tab, a very useful adhesive to stick the booklet to your favorite tobacco bag.
- Made in Spain by Miquel y Costas.

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