King Palm cones Magic Mint Paper - 2 rolls


King Palm cones Magic Mint Paper - 2 rolls


The New King Palm, prerolled cones, handmade with a pure all-natural Cordia (Borage) blade. King Palm Leaves are made 100% TOBACCO-FREE, ADDITIVE-FREE, PRESERVATIVES, AND GLUES.

Each sachet contains 2 hand-rolled cones, with corn fiber nozzles and made from pure, tobacco-free Cordia leaf. Packaged in a self-closing zip envelope so that it does not lose any property and is better preserved. Includes a King Palm press stick.

Super slow burning.

It contains a 100% Magic Mint flavored corn husk filter. You'll be able to squeeze the filter to let out the minty flavor and enjoy a tastier hit.

- Quantity: 2 prerolled cones in zip envelope + Stick
- Capacity: 1.5 gr per cone

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