Hemp Paper juicy Blunt Blue Blueberries - 25 units

Hemp Paper juicy Blunt Blue Blueberries - 25 units


- Flavored rolling papers in pure American style.
- Enjoy a smooth, unique flavor with every hit thanks to Hemp juicy papers.
- Perfect if you want to give a special aroma and flavor to your cigarettes.
- This is a completely natural paper.
- Made from 100% hemp.
- It has a blueberry flavor.
- Both freshness and aroma are fully guaranteed.
- Does not contain tobacco or nicotine.
- Each paper is 105 mm long.
- The package has a zip closure that will allow you to close it hermetically once opened, that way the paper will keep all its flavor and characteristics totally intact preventing it from drying out.
- Each pack contains 2 papers.
- The case holds 25 packs.

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