Jay Blueberry Flavor juicy Paper 1 1/4 78mm

Jay Blueberry Flavor juicy Paper 1 1/4 78mm


- High-quality flavoured paper.
- 100% natural and biodegradable.
- Made from pure hemp and vegetable ink obtained from soybeans.
- With natural sugar gum.
- It incorporates a triple blend of aromas that provides an original taste experience.
- Model that has a fun blueberry print.
- Slow-burning paper.
- Cranberry flavored.
- You'll notice a sweet spot on your lips, while the smoke takes on a slight flavor.
- The paper has a size of 1 1/4 of 78 mm x 44 mm.
- With an ultra-thin grammage of 12 g/m².
- The booklet contains 32 sheets.
- Made in Alcoy, Spain.

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