Six Shooter RAW Kig Size 6 Cone Filling Unit

Six Shooter RAW Kig Size 6 Cone Filling Unit

Tired of wasting time stuffing your pre-rolled cones?

RAW has designed the RAW SIX SHOOTER, to make your life easier by filling up to 6 cones in a moment!

Simply insert the pre-rolled cones to be filled into the holes; Then insert your desired herbs into the top of the load; Replace the lid and finally tap on the table a couple of times.

Finally, you can even finish crimping the cones with the screwdriver that works like a crimp.

Once you've finished refilling your cones, the RAW SIX SHOOTER serves as a storage container for your pre-rolls, neatly rolled and stuffed until you're ready to smoke them, one or all of them.

In the RAW tests they were able to fill 6 cones in less than a minute. This means you'll spend less time refilling or enrolling and more time enjoying!


  • Filling unit up to 6 cones
  • You can fill either 1,2,3 or 6
  • Ideal for almost our entire catalog of King Size pre-rolled cones.
  • Instructions Included

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