Hookah Oduman N2 Clear Crystal

Hookah Oduman N2 Clear Crystal


  • Premium Quality Hookah
  • Made of top quality handmade crystal and stainless steel details
  • Includes LED light, with several dimmable lighting colors. 24h battery life
  • 1.5 meter silicone hose. Washable and with an aluminum spring for greater flexibility in movements, this prevents the hose from folding completely
  • Size: 28 cm high by 17.5 cm in diameter
  • Does not include bowl or batteries for the LED light
  • Screw-on nozzle
  • The purge hole can be used to thread in another hose
  • Diffuser integrated in the immersion tube that facilitates the filtration of the smoke, thus achieving a fresh and pleasant smoke
  • The steel tube is broken down into pieces for easy cleaning
  • Shot & Purge: Exceptional. To improve the shot, fruits and ice can be included in the base
  • We recommend including fruits and ice in the base to give it a fresh and natural touch, as well as colorful and eye-catching with the luminous bubbling of moving fruits.

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