110 mm Empire Rolling Paper Paper Case - 24 booklets

110 mm Empire Rolling Paper Paper Case - 24 booklets


- Pack designed so that you can carry everything in the same package and don't miss anything.
- This is one of the most exclusive premium quality papers on the market.
- It has a luxurious and eye-catching design of a 100 dollar bill, taken care of down to the smallest detail so it is impossible for it to go unnoticed.
- This role will make you the center of attention. You will see how everyone around you is impressed and surprised.
- Smooth, extremely slow-burning paper that provides a long and pleasurable experience.
- 100% organic and natural.
- No bleaching process.
- Made from the blend of premium natural plant fibers.
- Natural, non-toxic and laboratory-tested vegetable oils have been used for its printing.
- It incorporates an exclusive glue strip patented by Organic Empire, made from sugar that turns into caramel while burning.
- This paper has a king size of 110 mm.
- The booklet contains 10 sheets (although it will look like you're carrying 10 $100 bills) + 10 tips of unbleached cardboard.
- Resealable package that ensures the freshness and optimal preservation of the paper.
- The box contains 24 booklets.

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