Darth Vader Speaker


Darth Vader Speaker


- Supports USB, Micro SD, aux-in cable, mp3.
- Memory function.
- Removable, environmentally friendly LI-ON battery.
- 3.5mm AUX-in cable port, compatible with smartphones, MP3 players, ipads, tablets, computers, notebooks, etc.
- It only supports mp3 format files.

Basic Functions:

Turn on the speaker: press button for 3 seconds and the light will appear on the front.
Turn off the speaker: Press the off button for 3 seconds and the light will turn off.
To play or pause: Press without holding the button.
To search for channels: Press without holding in FM mode.
To turn the volume up and down, press and hold the (+ up) (- down) buttons.
Change Mode: Press the "M" button to switch to USB/SD card/FM/Aux-in.
The first time the speaker is used, it should be charged for 3 hours.


If it shuts down suddenly, you should check that the battery is charged.
If you can't hear the songs, you should check that the files are mp3 and the speaker can play them.
If it doesn't sound when connected to your PC, the computer's interface connection may not be correct, choose the audio option.
A good solution is to turn it off and on again to check for any faults.

Charging Mode:

The device is protected against short circuits, can be connected to a PC or by mains. The total charge lasts 4 hours.
Each time the battery can last more or less depending on the volume of use.
When charging, the light will be red.

Technical Specifications:

Output power: 5W. Frequency response: 150Hz-20kHz. Speaker driver: 4Q 5W. Power: DC 5V, 500 Ma. Incoming Audio Interface: Aux-in 3.5 mm port. Weight of 586g. Dimensions: 80x80mm x 180mm. It works over a distance of 10m. 1200 MAh battery.

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