Cyclones 2u Unflavoured Cone Paper - 24 blister packs

Cyclones 2u Unflavoured Cone Paper - 24 blister packs


- High-quality pre-rolled transparent paper in the shape of a cone.
- Ready to use, just fill them with your favorite tobacco.
- Model that counts without flavor.
- 100% natural and biodegradable, made from cellulose.
- No additives.
- Very slow burning.
- You'll be able to see the contents of the cone crystal clear while smoking.
- They have a king size of 110 mm in length.
- They incorporate a presser to be able to compress the tobacco quickly and easily.
- Format: both the two cones and the presser come inside a sturdy plastic tube, thanks to which you can transport your cones even when they are already filled and ready to smoke, and thus be able to keep them safe from shocks, falls, dust and moisture.
- Contents: The case contains 24 tubes of 2 cones each, making a total of 48 cones.

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