100u Prerolled RAW Filters + Metal Box

100u Prerolled RAW Filters + Metal Box


- Thanks to them, you will no longer have to make your own cardboard nozzles, making the rolling process much faster.
- High-quality, 100% natural filters.
- An original Fourdrinier machine has been used for its elaboration, which gives a soft and filter-resistant texture.
- Made from the mixture of flax and rice fibers.
- No bleaching process and no additives.
- Quantity: 100 filters.
- They come in a practical and compact metal box, which has the original design of the brand.
- This box is the perfect companion to always carry your smoking items with you in a simple, comfortable and elegant way.
- Durable and resistant.
- Perfect for storing your ready-made cigarettes and keeping them safe from bumps, drops, dust and moisture.
- Thanks to its lid you can easily remove the cigarette you want, preventing the rest from falling out.
- It measures 12 cm x 2.5 cm x 6 cm.

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