Carbon Filters actitube 40 filters


Carbon Filters actitube 40 filters


- Filters composed of activated carbon, designed exclusively for healthier consumption.
- They are very comfortable and easy to use.
- They are specially designed to capture as many harmful substances as possible from the smoke, cooling it in its path without affecting the quality of the flavors and aromas of the cigarette.
- The filter has a perforated ceramic piece at both ends, specially manufactured to withstand high temperatures and cool the air that passes inside.
- Inside the filter we find the activated carbon, which is perfectly sealed thanks to a wrapper and the ceramic on both sides.
- We can place the filter using either of its ends, both are identical, so the orientation doesn't matter.
- It is recommended not to use the same filter more than 2 or 3 times, since in each use the activated carbon absorbs and accumulates harmful substances, so after several uses the filter will lose effectiveness.
- The filters have a size of 8 mm in diameter.
- The pack contains 40 filters.
- Price per package.

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