BoxPack KING

BoxPack San ValenKING

The BoxPack contains:

  • 1x Tray 18x14cm + magnetic lid
  • 1x 3D Grinder 4 parts - 6.8 cm diameter and 5.45 cm high
  • 1x G-rollz Bamboo Paper + DOG tips
  • 1x Transparent Paper aleda
  • 1x G-rollz king size Organic Hemp GREEN paper
  • 1x G-rollz king size Organic M.SATIVA Paper
  • 1x Royal Blunt Hemp Paper Canna Flavor - 4u
  • 1x Hemp Wrap Gorilla Terpene Lion Rolling Circus Paper
  • 1x Tips Beuz Ed.especial
  • 1x clipper Weed
  • 2x Reusable Filters

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