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Promoción 5 + 1 Filtros de carbón Actitube 100 unidades


Promotion 5 + 1 charcoal Filters Actitube 600 units


  • The promotion contains 6 boxes of 100 units, a total of 600 Filters !!!
  • Filter composed of activated carbon which filters out the harmful substances from your smoke, cooling your step
  • It inhales less smoke and is less harmful to the respiratory system, Mouth and teeth
  • Each box contains 100 Filters of coal Actitube


ActiTube are nozzles of activated carbon designed exclusively for a consumption more healthywith this filter will be freed, in large part, the smoke from toxins, reducing damage to your lungs but without diminishing the THC.

A smoke much cooler that will not scratched your throat even when you consume products without mixture, the combustion of the plant matter will harm a lesser extent your lungs.

The filter consists of three parts:

1,At one end of a piece of black plastic perforated (that is the part that we will put out the cigarette by the that aspiraremos the smoke).
2nd In the middle is the charcoal wrapped in cardboard box well sealed.
3rd At the other end a piece of pottery full of holes specially designed to withstand high temperatures and cool the air that passes to the activated charcoal (this is the part that we put in place sticking it to the tobacco).

*It is recommended not to use more than 2 or 3 times the same filter for each use on the active carbon will absorb harmful substances and after several uses the filter will lose effectiveness.

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