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Gas and lighter fluid

Gas and gasoline to recharge lighters and give extra life to your refillable lighters such as clippers or zippo.

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These products are not sold outside of Spain or Portugal.

Composition and safety

Clipper gas is composed of almost 100% isobutane gas, if you want to ensure the most exact purity you should buy the pure version of clipper gas, which is the purest possible.

Use and recharge

Clipper gas is mainly used to recharge lighters, especially clippers, but it also has other uses, for example pure gas can be used to extract resin or BHO.

How to recharge the lighter with isobutane gas

First we put the lighter upside down and fit the gas outlet of the bottle to the base of the lighter.

We press for a couple of seconds and release, we repeat this several times until the lighter is filled.

We do not light any lighter around the gas or the newly recharged lighter for a few seconds after recharging, it could cause combustion due to a small gas leak.

If we see that even recharging the lighter does not work, the problem may be the stone or the wick in the event that we try to recharge a zippo.