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Lighters Clipper

In tuotroestanco we have all the collections of clipper lighters available to buy and at the best price, compare with the competition and you will see the difference. We are constantly looking for each new collection that the flamagas company brings out in Spain, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom or the Netherlands. We even bring you collections from Russia or old collections already discontinued.

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The clipper lighter is one of the best known and most famous lighters in the world. There are a multitude of very different Clippers and every smoker has had one at some point. If you have a retail establishment, a small supermarket, tobacconist, grocery store or marijuana association, a Clippers display for your sale cannot be missing. On the tuotroestanco website you can select the variety yourself, you can make your own tray or exhibitor and keep your customers happy with themes related to your business or related to the environment: Summer Clippers for a tobacconist on the beach? No problem, Clippers in English for a very touristy area? Of course, Clippers with marijuana motives for a cannabis association? Correct.

The history of clipper is very curious and it stands out that it was born in Spain, in Barcelona, ​​by the company flamagas in 1959.

Who designed the original clipper?

In 1970 Enric Sará designed the characteristic cylindrical clipper lighter, thus creating the world's first refillable plastic lighter.
The first clipper factory was inaugurated in 1972 in Barcelona.

How do you recharge a clipper lighter?

We must obtain a gas bottle, better if it is from the clipper brand like the ones we sell on the tuotroestanco website. We have to put the burner down and press the mouth of the bottle on the base of the burner several times.
Always wait a while for the possible gas released in the room to clear before lighting the burner again .
Here we can see a video made by the company flamagas itself explaining how to recharge:

How to change the flint in a clipper lighter?
Pull the thread or metal wheel until you extract the tube containing the flint.
Unscrew the base of the tube To extract the worn stone, you can use a coin or screwdriver.
Put the stone inside the tube and screw it on, put it in the clipper and enjoy.

How to change the thread or flint of a clipper?
Simply buy flints on the tuotroestanco website and change it.
Clipper can be your unlimited lighter, with gas, stones and flints can repair and recharge your clipper lighter for unlimited life.

What types of Clippers are there?
The classic clipper, the one of a lifetime, with a size of 7.5 millimeters, plastic body and rechargeable.
The clipper made of metal with a metal body, even more durable.
The clipper with a cork, silicone or even leather sheath.
The micro clipper is a little smaller and thinner than the original.
The clipper tube is a much longer clipper to allow its use in the kitchen or in any use that requires keeping the flame away from the hand.