KRABS Defiltrator by Jano Flange-Keychain


KRABS Defiltrator by Jano Flange-Keychain

The new KRABS from Jano Filters are here!

Fourth edition of defiltrators:

· New rubbery and black coating to make stainless steel flanges last much longer.
· Various colors are enhanced to make them more powerful and brighter.

Sequence of use:

  • Take good aim, push all the way in (3mm), squeeze your Krabs and stretch while still squeezing.
  • The best point to operate it is as close to the tip as possible. The bending will be carried out with less force, so the gesture is smoother and the piece is less punished.
  • It's easier to remove the filter at the beginning of the process than at the end. As with the usual bite, if you roll it loosely you'll have more trouble removing the filter than if you remove it before you start
  • It may tend to close with prolonged use, especially if the force is exerted in the center of the part rather than at the tip. To get back to its original position is as simple as gently (and carefully) pulling with your thumbs on the walls that protect the tip of your Krabs


  • To wash it with a damp cloth should suffice, if the stain is persistent it can be immersed in warm/hot water or alcohol. It is not recommended to clean it with soap and even less so if it is not PH neutral (Caustic soda, present in most conventional soaps, is the perfect stripper for the textured matte finish that we have chosen so DO NOT RUB WITH SOAP AND WATER)

  • Blue
  • Black
  • Red
  • Green
  • Rose
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Brown
  • Light Blue
  • Purple
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Fourth edition of defiltrators:

  • We introduce 2 new models; Love red and Uranium black. Finally reaching 10 colors ^^
  • New rubbery and black coating to make the stainless steel cable ties last much longer and do not bend even when you sit on your keychain.
  • We've improved several colors to make them denser, more powerful, and brighter.
  • Fit on the inside of the packaging so that the pendant is better grasped during transport and better presented when you open your box
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