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The Frumist are the most famous and well-known disposable or single-use vaper pods, why should I switch to frumist products?

At tuotroestanco we only have frumist pods from the Zero range, which are the ones that do not contain nicotine.
Where does the popularity of disposable vapers, frumist or single use pods come from?

Its popularity comes largely from its simplicity and the wide variety of flavors. After the shisha boom, people want to try new flavors, preferably with minimal impact on their health, and that is why they select nicotine-free vapers. Within the vapers without nicotine, the single-use ones are the most practical and easiest to use, leaving aside the issue of batteries, resistances, liquids, aromas and etc. With this it's just suck and enjoy, similar to the experience with a shisha but anywhere.

Can a disposable pod help you quit smoking?

Yes, you can begin to reduce consumption, bearing in mind that a large part of smoking addiction is social and comes with the union of concepts or relationship of habits. The part of addiction produced by nicotine would have to be alleviated with nicotine patches or gum and each time reducing more and more the dose. Even so, the best option to stop smoking is always to consult with your doctor.

Can a frumist disposable pod be vaped indoors?

Yes, unless they prohibit it with signs or it is one of the following places where it is not allowed: schools or playgrounds, hostile or health centers, public administration or public transport. This is the normal one that exists in Spain, consult the laws of your country in case they are different.

What size is a frumist disposable pod?

Like a little finger, it's thinner than many lighters and only slightly longer than a clipper.

Where can I buy frumist?

Right here, in your other tobacconist you can buy, it will arrive at home in 1 day and you will be able to enjoy all its advantages instantly, since it does not require any installation, configuration or assembly.

Can I buy frumist as a wholesaler?

Yes, you can buy frumist wholesale by sending an email to info@tuotroestanco.com with model 037 or 036, any freelancer or company will be able to see the special prices we have for them if they send us the appropriate model after creating the user account in the web. They can be our wholesale customers, from tobacconists to cannabis associations through Vending companies or growshops.

Is it totally harmless to health?

No, vapers are not totally healthy and the single use vaper or disposable pod is no exception. However, it is much healthier than burning tobacco grass a few centimeters from our face and inhaling the resulting smoke from this fire. Vapers use steam and compounds studied down to the smallest detail so as not to be so harmful to the body. We must also remember that vaping is an activity reserved for people over 18 years of age and minors should not be allowed to buy or use these products. Frumist has a wide range of flavors: List flavors

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