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€0.36 (tax incl.)
Filters cardboard-Raw organic widths Features: - Contains 50 filters cardboard 100% organic - Filter made of hemp and cotton perforated - Measures 60 x 25 mm - Larger in size than the Classic
€0.24 (tax incl.)
Filters of cardboard Raw. Features: - Each booklet of nozzles have 50 filters - Measures 60 x 15 mm - Filters Raw without chlorine.  
€0.23 (tax incl.)
Paper Gizeh organic Regular Features: - Weight/weight: 14.0 g/m2 of gum Arabic natural - Format: 35.8 mm x 68 mm - Organic hemp - Role Gizeh Pure short-unbleached, made of hemp, organic. - Slow combustion wood...
€0.91 (tax incl.)
Tubes Gizeh Menthol 100ud(1x10) Features: - Available in a drawer of 100 units. - The unit of sale contains 10 boxes of 100 units Filters Gizeh Menthol. - The unit of sale contains 1000 filters - I just fill them with...
€0.91 (tax incl.)
Filters, Tar Gard model Mini Mini Features: - 10 filters per box. - Comfortable filters for use in cigarettes, which help to absorb some of the nicotine from the cigarette.Preserves the taste of the tobacco. -...
€0.73 (tax incl.)
Filters Gizeh Mint 6 mm Features: Diameter: 6 mm Filter length: 15 mm The bag contains 120 units The GIZEH SLIM MENTHOL This specialty with the aroma of menthol provides a enjoyment, refreshing. The filters are...
€0.35 (tax incl.)
Cigarette rolling papers Greengo 1 1/4 Features: -Measures 78 mm x 44mm - 100% natural.The packaging is made with recycled cardboard so that it is better for the environment - Have a thickness ideal 14 g/m2
€0.36 (tax incl.)
Paper of roll-your-own OCB Blue X-pert. Features: - Measures 69x36mm. - Finesse extreme- Standard ultra-transparent- Paper Air- Role eX-tra to the experts- Sticker on the back of the booklet.
€0.68 (tax incl.)
Nozzle Mini Clipper. Features: - Each pack contains 10 nozzles Mini Clipper - Price per unit - Reusable up to 10 cigarettes - Each filter is useful for about 5-10 cigarettes. When the blue mark is completely covered...
€5.32 (tax incl.) €6.78
Reduced price-€1.45
Carbon filters Actitube Slim 50 units Features: - Carbon filters Actitube - Filter, fine - Filter composed of activated carbon which filters out the harmful substances from your smoke, cooling your step - Inhales less...
€0.42 (tax incl.)
Wicks Clipper Features: - New format for the Wicks Clipper  -Have decided to unite and create a kind of stone universal for all lighters clipper - The new format contains 9 stones and comes in a packet where each...
€2.14 (tax incl.)
Tubes Fresh Bomb! Mint 1 box of 200 tubes Features: - Available in boxes of 100 units. - The unit of sale contains 1 box of 100 units of tubes menthol "click". - The unit of sale contains 500 tubes - The filter...
€0.85 (tax incl.)
Paper Raw Black Edition King Size 32 leaves Features: The paper Raw Black is a paper that is ultra-thin, double-pressing made for experts liadores. It is a paper which is totally natural, without additives or...
€0.85 (tax incl.)
Filters krypton Slim Features: - Filter 6 mm - 200 units(150+50) -A filter of good quality at a good price. Presented in clear bag for easy identification as a product.
€0.79 (tax incl.)
Filters Monster of 6 mm cotton. Features: - 250 Filters per bag. Bag trasnparente to facilitate the vision of the product. - Unit price. - EXCLUSIVITY of Tuotroestanco.
€0.57 (tax incl.)
Paper rolling RAW King Size bed. Features: - Smoking paper King size Classic chlorine-free, manufactured fiber mixture of flax and rice.- Measures of the role of smoking: 110 x 45 mm- The booklet contains 32...
€0.30 (tax incl.)
Cigarette rolling papers Rizla + Regular Green.Features: - Paper measures 70mm x 37 mm- 50 leaves per booklet.- Cut corners.  
€0.30 (tax incl.)
Paper Abadie Natural 70 mm Features: - Role of smoking rice, extra-fine flame retardant, rubber 100% natural.- Made in Spain by Miquel y Costas. - Role of Natural, unbleached- Number of sheets: 50 - Size: 70x44mm
€0.73 (tax incl.)
Role Raw-Black Edition 1 1/4 78 mm 50 sheets Features: The paper Raw Black is a paper that is ultra-thin, double-pressing made for experts liadores. It is a paper which is totally natural, without additives or...
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